Nuun®  Well known for their self-dissolving, low-sugar electrolyte tablets, Nuun was the first company to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates, allowing athletes to replenish lost fluids without all of the added sugar. Nuun makes a range of plant-based products including their effervescent electrolyte tablets, vitamins, and performance hydration powder. When it heats up on the sand, Nuun keeps Amanda well hydrated throughout practice and competition.


Previnex®  Centered around nutrition science and meticulously manufactured supplements, Previnex has been Amanda's partner in optimal health since the 2015 season. Amanda's arduous training regimen leaves little time for recovery, but having a partner in nutrition like Previnex keeps her one step ahead of the competition. Amanda's favorite Previnex products include their multivitamin and omega pure plus supplement. Take 20% off your next Previnex purchase by using discount code Amanda20 at checkout!


Revo®  Founded in 1985, Revo is a global leader in performance eyewear products. Their cutting edge sunglasses were first developed utilizing NASA satellite lens technology. As an outdoor athlete, Amanda's eyes are constantly exposed to the sun, placing a premium on high-quality eyewear. This is where Revo steps in, delivering the clearest and most advanced high-contrast polarized lenses on the market today. You will see Amanda sporting Revo products once again during the 2018 season.


Thunderbird®  Founded and crafted in Austin, Texas, by endurance athletes who wanted a great tasting and truly healthy energy bar alternative, Thunderbird Bars are produced using real, whole-food, plant-based ingredients. By making 100% all-natural products from simple, certified ingredients, Thunderbird provides pure, clean energy in a convenient, nutrient-dense package. Amanda is excited to partner with her fellow Austinites at Thunderbird during the 2018 season.

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