Firefly™  Utilizing groundbreaking OnPulse technology originally developed for clinical applications, Firefly is a wearable, self-adhesive recovery device that stimulates the peroneal nerve and increases blood flow to the lower extremities. Firefly is scientifically proven to be more effective than traditional methods at reducing muscle soreness post-workout and shortening recovery time. Amanda is excited to be partnering with Firefly for the 2019 season and will be using their products all year long.


Jolyn™  Using the highest quality materials and construction available, Jolyn brings made in America swimwear to athletes, designers, mermaids, and misfits everywhere. Whether you’re an Olympian or an Olympic-caliber sunbather, Jolyn’s got you covered with quality suits that are functional, flattering, and fun. Amanda is proud to partner with Jolyn for the 2019 season and looks forward to sporting their suits on the sand this year.


The Solution™  A one-stop shop for comprehensive health and wellness, The Solution provides personalized hydration and vitamin/mineral supplement infusions. Guided by their expert clinicians, Amanda has benefitted from their personalized 360-Solution nutritional testing and is excited to represent their brand during the 2019 season.


Nuun®  Known for their self-dissolving, low-sugar electrolyte tablets, Nuun was one of the the first companies to separate electrolyte replacement from carbohydrates, allowing athletes to replenish lost fluids without added sugar. Nuun makes a range of plant-based products including their effervescent electrolyte tablets, vitamins, and performance hydration powders. When it heats up on the sand, Nuun keeps Amanda well hydrated throughout practice and competition.


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